What We Do

WE HELP DMV officials modernize and streamline their voter registration systems. Our team of non-partisan policy and technical experts collaborate with DMVs to brainstorm and implement technical solutions that result in shorter transaction times and cost savings—all while requiring less time and attention from DMV staff. From small technical improvements to total system overhauls, our team has seen it all and is here to offer pro bono support, advice, and best practices.

WE HELP states reduce staff time and error rates by identifying and implementing back-end technical changes that automate workflows and data transfers, and improve the efficiency of data processing.
WE HELP states reduce customer confusion (and staff time spent helping confused customers!) by assessing and improving user interfaces. We use plain-language drafting, graphic design, and A/B testing to help thoughtfully design the simplest and cleanest workflow for your state’s registration process.
WE HELP states implement newly enacted laws that affect the voter registration workflow, like automatic voter registration, opt-in or opt-out mandates, and new document requirements.