Frequently Asked Questions

Are you partisan or coming from a political angle?

No. We are a project of the non-partisan Institute for Responsive Government, which believes that simpler, more user-friendly systems are often the most straightforward path to improving satisfaction and access to government services. Our team is laser- beam focused on the thoroughly nonpolitical goal of helping you implement your state’s voter registration process in the most efficient, straightforward way—which benefits
customers and agencies alike.

Do you charge for your services?

No. We provide all our DMV services on a pro bono basis.

What kind of project is too small/too large?

No such thing! Sometimes we help with small projects, like re-designing a single voter registration informational flyer into plain English for easier understanding and translation. Sometimes we help with large-scale projects, like testing and implementing a newly enacted automatic voter registration law. If you have questions about whether or not we can help with a project, schedule a call and we can talk through it together.