We help DMV officials modernize and streamline their voter registration systems.

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Colorado Case Study

Improving Motor Voter Registration: A Colorado Case Study

The National Voter Registration Act, also known as “Motor Voter,” requires states to offer voter registration at their motor vehicle agencies. When a state modernizes its voter registration process, changes must be implemented by election offices and by motor vehicle administrators. As more states pass Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) laws, motor vehicle agency administrators need to understand what that means for their work.

Voter Registration

Automatic voter registration at motor vehicle agencies

Over the past few years, I’ve traveled across the United States working to understand and improve state motor voter registration services, as yet another step towards ensuring all eligible individuals have the opportunity to register to vote in the United States. My goal has been to learn from each state’s experience, share its findings with others, and encourage strong connections between the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) officials – who, through the motor voter process, are now the source of 45% of the nation’s voter registration activity – and the election officials who administer the elections.